1. Rebecca


  2. What our minds create

    I find it remarkable 
    what realities our minds create

    that people can say things
    that others will remember

    or that we have memory
                           at all
    but I delude myself
    even though Rebecca quoted me
    just the other day

    I had no way to express myself
    other than to say
    I don’t really remember how it went

    and there was a photo of me
    clipped to her mirror
    (I now pray she stares at everyday)
    that I remembered sending
    after seeing it!
    (it is a very flattering photo)

    and this is what I’m told
    is reality, even though
    I can’t even keep it straight



  4. I wonder if this is a Boing 7-47

    I wonder if it is rude
    to ask for two drinks
    at the same time
    on a plane
    A V8 and a ginger ale, please
    I would say
    no ice
    you know, more room
    for the good stuff

    though, what I’d really
    like is a double shot
    of whiskey
               plenty of ice
    why not! I’ll take that
    ginger ale too!

    but I think I’ve spent
    enough money at the 
    Airport today



  6. On my way home

    Nothing happened
    on my flight to Phoenix 
    I sat down
    and no one talked
    to anyone
    a baby cried
    as babies do
    unused to the changing
    it probably didn’t know
    how to pop its little ears
    the world must have become
    unusually quiet

    the layover was short
    an hour
    I boarded quickly
    one of the last on
    with the door closing 
    behind me
    the man in the aisle seat
    moved to another aisle seat
    and so I took his



    things were off to another
                    easy start
    though half way to take off
    we’re informed of a mechanical
    from the low moans
                       and sighs
    I would have thought they said
    Ladies and Gentlemen, we are 
    going to waste your time


    I didn’t mind
    I have a good book
    and my journal
    two things I often think
    deserve more time
    so here I sit
    on my way home 
    to Portland


  7. Death Valley National Park. Me.


  8. This may only be youth (but I hope it’s not)

    My insanity is hearing the whisper
    silence of birds, their voices say
               we are gods

    I lose myself 
    emotions are a loud racket
    being whatever it is they are
    than what they are called

    and so I whisper back
                 me too



  10. Just act natural

    Lets talk about spirits
    tiny gods
    listening to our lives
    in the walls
    on the floors
    and furniture
    the house plants
    the house!
    yes, in korea
    the whole house is a god
    offer rice cakes
    and other treats
    they love those i hear

    I imagine all spirits are kind
    mean ones are demons
    but they just want the same thing
    poor social skills is all
    all of them so awkward
    and moody
    aren’t we all!
    my god
    we are gods too
    I think