1. Another day in Denver

    Yesterday was all fine
    dandy even, streaking sun
    riding on the easy breeze
    from over those colorado mountains
    hanging from limbs in the sky
    smoking, chewing, and drinking
    the revolutionary green stuff
    sticky on our tongue and hearts
    like balloons, hundreds of ‘em
    tied to our feet moon walking us
    gaily down 16th street mall
    being human, so human
    in the normalcy of days
    and the want for the same
    in future days and further even
    jugglers, contortionists, singers
    panhandlers, busking, begging
    guilting the everydayer’s
    for a couple nickels or food
    and we can’t always
                            I can’t
    but a smile goes a long way
                                       I hope
    they are people too, and they
    make the day more normal
    do you realize!
                    Life was a sizzle
    there, that day, all wishy wash
    with experience, free, take a look
    sunset still happened, a cricket’s song
    glamour, swear, joy, stuck
    in the thick of it all
    blesse’d be another day in Denver
    Blesse’d Blesse’d I say


  2. Denver friends


  3. A modern meditation

    What a sickly computer I have!
    In these times too
    crashing and spitting
    just to turn off
    and to turn back on
    there is zen in all of this
    a required meditation
    to keep my hair from splitting
    and looking all ew
    the sudden humidity doesn’t help
    and my computer is still
    trying to restart
    all through writing
    this scanty poem
    in a constructive
    way of passing time



  5. Becoming New Age again

    Open your heart
    mother says
    and she says it often
    along with
    plant your feet in earth
    soft firm whatever
    know it is fine
    she knows these things now
    and says I know them too
    but I’m not sure, or I wasn’t
    I think I’m getting sure’r
    like with the hot Samara
    of yoga and the sleek butts
    rising and falling in class
    the teacher praying for us
    as we work in what must be
    over a hundred degrees
    dripping pools of our mistakes
    and then laying in them
    at the end as if to represent
    and my mothers voice
    stays beside me like an angel
    and the “Iknowitall” teen self
    dragging heels behind to scoff
    but I’m apart from it while not
    looking now at the whole, maybe
    experiencing the un-hip new age words
    that my mother, always seems to say



  7. blessed family!

    there are these times in life
    when everything becomes
    like on holidays
    blessed be the holidays!
    when family comes together
    and pretends everything
    is okay


  8. my cousin, Joel, in his tiny closet/smoke room. pleasant. so pleasant in there.


  9. Please.

    I’d like to live somewhere
    where the weather is always spring

    and the leaves
    are as gold
    as autumn


  10. Simon, a ten year old, took this, with my camera.


  11. we’ll dance again

    It’s always like that, she said
    spinning, drifting, us, them
    falling towards ourselves
    like hasty kids setting up
    domino’s, hoping for simplicity
    or of it

    I doubt it will ever change
    it only seems like it does
    but it doesn’t, it is as constant
    as sun up, as sun down
    lights on, lights off
    everyday the same

    maybe though, she said
    in the heat we can lay naked
    unafraid of anything anymore
    no longer speaking of others
    as a game where no one wins
    and the only words we’ll understand
    will be the laughter
    left lingering in the wind